International Language Center Boston
International Language Center Boston
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    Our Program

    General English/Chinese

    For students who: 

    Need to improve their English/Chinese at a comfortable and moderate pace. 

    Want to learn English while traveling in the USA or to learn Chinese locally.

    Hope to meet friends from different countries.  

    Business English/Chinese

    For people who:

    Need to improve their English/Chinese for work. 

    Want to prepare for English/Chinese tests. 

    Hope to learn some American or Chinese business concepts.

    Personal Study Coach

    For students who:

    Need a tutor to answer questions while studying. 

    Find it difficult to study alone.

    Need a nice study atmosphere to increase learning efficiency. 

    Standardized Test Preparation(1-on-1)

    For test takers who:

    Need to boost their test scores to the next level. 

    Need to increase test scores as much as possible in a set period of time.

    Need a flexible and fully customized class schedule and curriculum.  

    TOEFL Accelerator(1-on-1)

    For TOEFL takers who… 

    Need to reach a certain required TOEFL score NO MATTER WHAT. 

    Need to boost their TOEFL score faster than a bullet. 

    Need an experienced teacher to teach in a customized and well-designed way.  

    Small Group Enhanced Program (TOEFL/SSAT/SAT/1-12 Academic Subjects)

    For students who:

    Prefer to work for a fixed class schedule.

    Love to learn in group with peers.

    Are looking for an adapted well-design academic curriculum.

    Homestay Program

    For people who…. 

    Need a comfortable and warm place to stay. 

    Hope to practice English with locals all the time. 

    Need a place cheaper than a hotel and a place cleaner than a hostel.   

    Our Philosophy

    International Language Center Boston (ILC Boston) is a global language school located next to Harvard University, Cambridge City, USA. Its aim is to establish an international environment for students and professionals to meet each other while improving their English together. Our curriculum and learning materials are designed by our Harvard Team which is organized by alumni who graduated from Harvard University Graduate School of Education. To provide our students a diverse learning experience, ILC Boston is proud to partner with Harvard Graduate Business Club to give our students various extracurricular activities and business workshops.

    About Us

    Our Team

    The education team at ILC Boston is led by alumni who graduated from Harvard Graduate School of Education and is comprised of experienced teachers who have been teaching in middle and high schools in the USA. 

    Our Location

    ILC Boston is located in the best city for education in the USA and next to the best University in the world. Students will fully immerse in a prestigious atmosphere to experience their life in the USA. 

    Our State of the Art Learning Environment

    ILC Boston implements the latest high-tech learning equipment, which includes, but is not limited to, digital interactive whiteboards, US College student management system, and Standardized Test simulation test center for teaching.

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    International Language Center Boston

    2014 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02140, United States



    Monday - Friday: 12pm - 8pm

    Saturday: 9am - 6pm

    Sunday: 9am - 6pm